Saturday Night Live - Season 38 Opening Credits

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Amy: I love Transvaginal, it’s my favorite airline. I got so many miles on Transvaginal that I always get upgraded to Lady Business.
Seth: Really?
Amy: Yeah, really.

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We are now taking submissions!


If you’d like us to write a REALLY!?! rant about a specific topic, submit it to us! We’d love your input. 


The REALLY!?! Team

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From Cindy,

Hello, I just changed the theme so hope you like it

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Last week on ABC, a new reality show called Celebrity Wife Swap premiered. This brings us to a segment we like to call… REALLLY!?! with Ella.

Really, Celebrity Wife Swap? Was the normal wife swap simply not enough for you? You really had to delve into the cut throat world of Hollywood. CWS is like the reality show equivilance of a mid-life crisis.

And really, celebrities? You think you can bring something positive to the parenting table? Half of you are barely fit to be CELEBRITIES, much less parents. Here’s a good idea: don’t make your kids miss their parents for two weeks in exchange for some other former famous person who is likely as unfit as you.

I mean really, Wife Swap? You think this new spin-off of your show promotes family values? Infecting unhealthy families with other unhealthy families on a seperate spectrum? That’s like a person with OCD being forced to spend time in a pig sty.

And really, ABC? Are you collecting fallen stars? Is that your “thing" now? Think of everyone on Dancing, Skating, or Synchronized-Swimming with the Stars; were they not enough to shame? I see better celebrity humiliations on IMDb. I mean REALLY.

This has been Really!?! with Ella.

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We are now taking submissions!

If you’d like us to write a REALLY!?! rant about a specific topic, submit it to us! We’d love your input. 


The REALLY!?! Team

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electricdeanmachine-archives whispered,
Awesome! I wrote something about Celebrity Wife Swap. When I get my internet back on my computer (I'm on my phone) I'll send it to you.

Sweet! We’d love to read it! 

Thanks for submitting! 


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I could help with jokes sometimes, if you need it. You guys are a lot better than me, so no hard feelings if you tweak or reject anything.

Oh wow!  We would love any help we could get!  

Thank you, so much!  We’re glad to have the offer!


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Two days before Christmas, a woman in a Las Vegas airport had trouble getting through security when the TSA confiscated her cupcake, claiming that the frosting on it was enough like a gel that it could fall under the strict ban against gels and liquids on flights. This brings us to a segment we like to call Really!?! With Neda.

Really, TSA? A cupcake is a threat to airline safety? What’s next? Are you going to confiscate my bra because the underwire can be used as a weapon? Are that guy’s socks considered a threat to security because of the pungent odor?

Come on, TSA. As if we needed more reasons to dislike you. You do realize that when people exchange airline horror stories, a good 75% of the stories are ABOUT YOU. This doesn’t exactly help your case.

I mean, really. Are we sure this bodes well for our street cred? When people in other countries talk about coming to America, it might even become a recurring joke to HIDE YOUR CUPCAKES FROM THE AMERICANS. If American security was a joke, the TSA would most definitely be the punch line.

And really, airlines of America. It seems lately that you all have a sweet tooth for ridiculosity. And this most recent sprinkle with the law is just icing on the cupcake. I mean, really.

This has been REALLY!?! with Neda.

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On Dec. 3, 2011, the Republican party will hold yet another political primary debate for its presidential candidates. This brings us to a segment we like to call, REALLY!?! With Neda.

Really, Republican party? As if the sheer size of the candidate pool wasn’t large enough. Is it so absolutely necessary to remind us every other week of how many people we AREN’T going to vote for?

And really, Republicans. These debates aren’t doing your candidates any favors. First there was Rick Perry and his mush mouth, then Michelle Bachmann spoke of yet another inaccurate historical situation, then Herman Cain referred to Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi as “Princess Nancy,” and then you even let John Huntsman speak for MORE THAN ONE MINUTE. Really?

I mean, really. It’s gotten to the point where I’ve stopped looking at them as presidential candidates and started fantasizing some absurdly political MTV reality show. “Keeping Up With the Candidates,” or “The Real Housewives of the White House,” if you will. Michelle Bachmann could be the hot, hard-to-get girl with a bitchy attitude; Rick Perry could be the mean drunk with killer abs; and Newt Gingrich is the “Pauly D”-esque character: he’s got weird hair, thinks up stupid phrases, and has an affair with anything with a pulse.

Really, Republicans? You really feel the need to beat a dead horse? (And when we look at Michelle Bachmann’s face, it’s literally like looking at a dead horse.) I mean, REALLY.

This has been REALLY!?! with Neda.

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johnskrasinskis whispered,
These are so frickin' funny. I keep reading the in like seth's voice...oops. Seriously such a great job though :)

Haha, I know, I like to read it that way when I type it! Thank you so much, your support is what keeps us going! :^)

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xbetterthanrevengex whispered,
This is such a good idea! Keep it up!! :D

Thanks for your support! I’m expecting a few more writers to be added to the team, so I hope we do the idea justice!

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tri-coastal whispered,
I love this, keep it up! xx

Thanks! I’m glad you like it! :)

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